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Whether it's at the C-Suite or personal-level; if you are a large government agency or corporation, a small business, or someone who wants to change careers, most entities and people approach planning, hiring, problem-solving, etc. by asking "who, what, where, when, and how." We ask those questions of our leadership team, team members, trusted colleagues, and networking communities.  We even ask our peers, families, friends, and ourselves these five questions!  Yet, far too often, we don't ask ourselves the most important question of all -- "why?"

Asking questions can be hard! Why? Because sometimes we don't really want to know the answers. Sometimes we are afraid the answers will reinforce our greatest fears. But, what if asking the right questions could lead your organization or you to solutions that will make you more efficient, organized, ready for growth, confident, happier, and more successful than you could have imagined? 

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Working Together
  • Are you having challenges attracting and retaining talented employees?

  • Has your company grown, but you are still running things like you did when you were small?

  • Are you a new CEO with an inherited team that is struggling to adjust to the change?

  • Are your efforts to change your organizational culture falling flat?

  • What will you do if there is another disaster or pandemic?

  • Do you want to train staff, develop plans and be more strategic than tactical but it is easier to "just do it?"

  • Do your teams or team members work well in "silos" but clash when they have to work together?

We can partner with you to find answers and develop solutions to these questions and many more!

Company/Agency Challenges
  • Do you dread going to work some days? Most days? Everyday?!?

  • Are you thinking about starting a business of your own and not sure how?

  • Are you applying for jobs and not getting interviews? Or, even more frustrating, are you getting interviews but not getting job offers?

  • Are you a new member or leader of a team that is used to a different work culture and its not going as you had hoped?

  • Do you fear making changes that you really want to make? Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

We can help you figure out why you are where you are and partner with you to move forward in ways that lead to success and happiness.

Reach the Top
Individual Challenges
Go Team

If you're a C-Suite Executive, Government Administrator, Business Owner, or Leader we can partner with you on the following: 

  • Leadership, coaching, developing teams, and related training and development and delivery.

    • Leading with authenticity

    • Leading from "any chair"

    • Inclusive Leadership

    • Implementing Inclusion, Equity and Diversity (DEI) in the Workplace

  • One-on-one executive, leadership development, team, and individual team-member coaching

  • Business, strategic, change management, marketing, and continuity planning

  • Company, team, individual profiles and assessments tools

  • Team optimization and retention, and developing external and internal partnerships

  • Pursuing and managing government & private industry contracting opportunities

  • Media management, including crisis response

  • Commercial financing - when and how

Stressed Woman

If you're an Individual or Entrepreneur, we can partner with you on the following: 

  • One-on-one individual coaching for success

  • Discovering your "why" 

  • Finding happiness internally and externally

  • Changing jobs and careers

    • Launching and scaling a small business

    • Graduating from school - now what?

    • Your Commercials - Resumes, Cover Letters, and Online Profiles

  • Dealing with change

  • Making difficult choices
  • Handling challenging conversations
  • "Leaning in" when others expect you to "Lean out"  
  • Moving from I "have to," "should," or "must" to "I Choose To"

  • Using profile and assessment information to enhance your professional and personal life

How We Can Help

Certifications & Assessment Tools

PCC Credly Badge
Positive Intelligence Logo_edited
The Predictive Index Certified Talent Optimization Partner
ATD Professional Member
Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity Certification
Ignite Excellence in Coaching - Certified Professional Coach
US HUD Certified Community Capacity Liaison
DISC Assessment Provider
Certifications, Assessments & Partners
Pricing Options

Transparent Pricing Options

FREE? - Yes! Introductory One-Hour Consulting and 30-Minute Coaching Sessions are FREE!


The below are based on standard rates and sample custom packages. If you have a special need, unique request, or limited budget - just ask!  Email info@purposefilledsolutionsandevolutions  for a custom proposal designed to meet your agency, company, or personal needs.

Consulting Packages

Negotiate custom rates on a half-day, full-day, training or event series, or project-specific basis.

Image by Jason Goodman

Examples include:  Develop & deliver custom training module for $5,000 (50% savings), handle Federal WOSB or State MBE/ WBE Certification for $2,500 to $3,000 (50% savings), team optimization or leadership development program delivery PLUS assessments & debrief for $1,200 per day (55% savings)

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Consultant Standard Rates

Rates per hour range between $150 and $350+ per hour, depending nature and scope of work. Retainer due at prior to or at time of contract start. 

Image by Austin Distel

Rates do not include add-on services such as individual and team member assessments, custom training, special-branded options (I.e. Wiley DiSC & The Predictive Index), and travel outside of 50 mile radius.

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Coaching Packages

Purchase multiple, discounted sessions in advance for personal or executive coaching. Monthly options available.

Image by Valentina Conde

Examples include:  Purchase 6 individual coaching sessions at $150 per hour for the price of 4 - save $300 (33% discount). Purchase 10 executive coaching sessions at $250 per hour for the price of 7 - save $750 (30% discount)

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Coaching Standard Rates

Standard rate starts between at $150 and $250 per hour, depending on type of coaching requested. Monthly options available.

Youth Counseling

Discounted rates can be negotiated based type of coaching, and ability to pay. Executive rate starts at $250 per hour and personal is $150 per hour. Rates do not include add-on services such as special-branded assessments (i.e. Wiley DiSC). 

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