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NOTE:  We sign Reciprocal Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with Executive Coaching and Consulting Clients, so we are especially thrilled when they offer voluntary testimonials!

Jessica Knewasser
Before I met Barbara Anne, I felt like I was un-hirable because of an old interview experience. I was starting a new small business in publishing my own graphic novels, but I still needed to have a steady paycheck while developing the brand.  I was upfront about it and a company rejected me because I was, “too passionate about it.”  In later interviews, I consciously tried to hide my small business.... Once my first book was published, I didn’t know how I was going to hide it anymore.... Barbara Anne showed me that I didn’t need to hide my graphic novels to get a full-time job and instead made my budding small business my shining asset on my resume.  Thanks to her, I was able to book four job interviews in 2021 and I received all four offers.  I was able to pick the full-time job that worked best for me and my small business and I'm still there.
Maria O'Callaghan-Cassidy

I highly recommend Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills as a coach. Her patience and listening skills are superhuman. Barbara Anne poses questions that are challenging and require introspection. Her approach is respectfully on point and moves you towards resolution. I always feel energized and re-focused at the end of our sessions. 

Image by Samuel Regan-Asante

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